Thursday, May 26, 2005

New work

High Noon

I just finished this yesterday. Size is 15 1/2" wide by 25" long. It's all my hand dyed fabrics with a lot of satin stitching to define the lines. I like it alot, especially since it's in my favorite color family. The first pictures I shot of it were with my point and shoot digital camera, but I just couldn't get the colors right. Everything was coming out a little on the blue side. Then I used my husband's SLR high end digital camera where you have far more control over setting the exposure. Voila - no problem with the color.

To see the detail shot, you will have to visit my web page. Click on New Works in the Gallery section.


cfent said...

this piece is to die for cathy! i love the dimension........

Mrs. Mel said...

Too wonderful for words. It reminds me so much of Lee Bontecou's fabulous work.

Caitlin said...

WOW!!! The energy in this piece really speaks to me - I LOVE IT!

Deb R said...

This is fabulous!!

teri springer said... is LUCIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Gerrie said...

This is just elegant.