Monday, March 26, 2007

My favorite season

Spring is my favorite season. It's so interesting to watch the changes that happen almost in front on your eyes. Yesterday the trees were bare and today they are budding.

I took this picture on Friday before I left for the weekend. It's the first daffodil to bloom in this garden. Last year the first bloom appeared on March 16 but on that date this year we had a few inches of snow on the ground and no blooms in sight. Today there are lots more blooms, the result of a mostly warm, sunny weekend.

Something else I watch for is the first appearance of hummingbirds. You can see the pole that holds the feeder on the right but I haven't put out any food yet. This map and database shows that hummingbirds have progressed as far north as northern North Carolina and it will probably be another several weeks before they get as far north as Maryland. But I'm going to be putting out my feeder before that and maybe I will see one soon.

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