Thursday, April 26, 2007

Slide film

Some time ago I posted about ordering some slide film and thinking it might be the last time I did that. (At least I think I did; I can't find that post.) Well, it wasn't the last time because I just ordered more yesterday. Some places, but not very many anymore, still want slides, and it's nice to have a hard copy record, instead of 1s and 0s on a hard drive. I know that lots of people are getting slides made from their digital images but it's far more cost effective to just shoot the slide film. For about $13 I get 36 slides, full frame and details. Getting them made from digital, I would only have a couple of each for that amount, figuring $2.50 for the 1st slide of an image, $1 each after that, and $5 shipping.

I am proficient enough at shooting slides that they come out well. For only a few extra minutes of effort, I get alot more. This appeals to my miserly side.

I posted a short while back about a piece that was having problems. I wasn't sure I could save it. Here it is after some additions of paint splatterings and markings. I think it's improved. The question is, how much? What do you all think?

1-It still sucks; maybe you ought to cut it up or something.
2-Somewhat improved; maybe this could be a donation to some worthy cause.
3-It's fabulous and I want to buy it.


Nellie Bass Durand said...

What I can see of it with my tired eyes and the limit of the smallish photo this fabric appears to be "map-like".

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

Enjoyed visiting your blog for the first time today. Hope to be back soon.

Art at Work said...

I love this piece. The juxtaposition of free form brush work, delicate colours with a tight rigid grid is evocative in so many ways. Also the overall cut up shape you used suggests a cartographic projection (mercator I think, not sure) of a land gone wild:-)

In short, it's gorgeous.


Rayna said...

Yep, it's a map, all right. I'd like to see it in person, Cathy - I think it is very interesting. So - none of the above. Do not cut it up or donate it. Let it sit for a while and see what it says. Maybe it's done.