Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Threads Anonymous?

After rearranging my thread drawers to accommodate my extravagant purchase of 30wt rayons in March, I realized that my cotton thread drawers were underfilled. I already have a bunch of the King Tut from Superior Threads and the heavyweight cotton from Valdani Threads, but I was lacking in light weight threads. I used to order the Tanne thread from Madiera but they don't make it anymore. I wanted 2 ply 50 wt thread. Both Valdani and Superior carry 50 wt thread, but I wasn't certain that Valdani's was thin enough. Since I already had some of the Superior MasterPiece and knew what it's like, I went with that.

And I also ordered a few more King Tut to round out my collection. I hope this fills my thread lust because even at wholesale prices I've spent an obscene amount of money on thread. It makes for a very strange line item on my tax return.

I've posted five new pieces that I've done so far this year on my website. They all use an abundance of thread. Even so, it will be quite a while before I run out.


Nellie Bass Durand said...

I just checked out your newly posted quilts ... Wonderful!

Gerrie said...

I love the purple and the spring green pieces. And, "flung paint"! I have to try this - lol.

Rayna said...

Oh, nice, Cathy. My, you've been busy in the studio. color me envious.