Monday, July 09, 2007

Comments on Quilt National

Thanks to everybody who left a comment on the Quilt National post. Lisa, I think that you're probably the exception that proves the rule. Except that since the entry deadline is September of the year before the show, you're not holding them back for as long as it seems, the longest being about nine months. But still, I'll bet that's longer than most people hold a piece back.

How does one decide more than a year before the entry deadline that a particular piece is going to be the work that is good enough to enter, and then hold it back? My hope would be that over the course of those months I would be continually improving and that I would have something better to enter. Otherwise, one would have to hold out nearly the entire body of work in order to be able to pick the best three.

I don't mind the the 2 year rule. It's that prior publication thing that gets me. And it only applies to venues in the US. So someone in Australia can show her piece in several shows, maybe even win some prizes, and it's still eligible for entry into Quilt National because supposedly it hasn't been seen here. And it can also be published in a foreign magazine or book, no matter what it's distribution. Just not an American publication. Why is this fair?


Joanie San Chirico said...

Even that rule isn't cut and dry. I had emailed the organizers about my work being on the Saatchi Gallery website. It's a UK site, not US. I was told that since my work was on that site, it was not eligible. So then, that doesn't make any sense since I specifically told them it was a UK site.
All I can say is that I'm done with them.

Lisa said...

The acceptance for quilt national comes in the fall and the show doesn't open until memorial day weekend. I know a lot of people that exhibit/publish their work during that time - I don't.

So I hold my quilts 9 months to just enter them into the show and another 9 months until the show opens - so for 1.5 years they sit in the dark unseen by all but 5-6 others.

I think I have no problem with this because I make a lot of work. Each on becomes a bit less precious when there is a lot of it.

As to how I knew a piece is good enough to enter - I know which of my work is better than the others - I think this is just part of being an artist.

Alison Schwabe said...

With the increasingly wider distribution of Australian magazines, catalogues and websites, it's now much the same in Aus as for US quilters who aspire to get into QN. And the same must go for UK. IMHO it's better to have as large a body of work as possible and keep what you think are your best ones aside. If you have plenty of works available, having something to put in an exhibition is never a problem. As for occasional disqualifications, well, these things do happen sometimes and they are a reminder to all of us that the rules do change a little most times and you need to be aware of the implications of what you are signing on that entry form. Don't like that? then don't enter.