Monday, February 18, 2008

Baby Quilts

I made two quick baby quilts this past week. Both used the same pattern but totally different fabrics. The pattern is something I made up although I'm sure it's not original. There are three different variations on the blocks: some are 9 patches, some 4 patches, and some a combination of large and small squares. Once everything is sewn together, it all looks much more complicated than it really is.

The first one is Yellow. Very, very yellow. It's a gift for a friend of my son's who is having her baby next month. She doesn't know the gender and wants it to be a surprise. Back in my day it wasn't an option - it was always a surprise.

The second one is for my newest great (or is it grand) nephew, born last month. I went through my box of African motif fabrics and chose a random selection. The blocks are the same as the yellow quilt but with the different fabrics, it has a totally different feeling.

I'm meeting with the woman who is going to quilt my new bed quilt on Monday. I told her I would prepare the binding. It's a good thing because I cut the strips and came up too short. I needed 11 strips and the piece of fabric I dyed only was wide enough to get 10 strips. And even though I dyed some other fabric at the same time with the same dye solution, it doesn't match well enough to cut one strip from the other fabric. So I dyed another piece today and I sure hope it's enough. I calculated that I would get 12 strips. And I thought it would be neat to have narrow yellow lines crossing the binding strips and had to think a while on how to do that without getting green somewhere. The solution was to dye the fabric blue then use opaque fabric paint to make the lines. Seems to have worked.

So enough playing around - it's time to get back to the business of art.


Gerrie said...

These are fabulous baby quilts! Everytime you mention your bed quilt, I get closer to trying to find time to make one for myself. I hope you will show us the finished quilt with that striped binding.

Cathy Kleeman said...

I'm meeting with the quilter on Monday to discuss details. She tells me I'm scheduled for mid-March. I promise to show the finished quilt!