Monday, April 20, 2009

What the turquoise did

Thanks for the great comments! Sometimes it takes me a while to appreciate what I've done and I know that each of these fabrics will be perfect somewhere sometime.

Linda asked what the turquoise on the blotter fabric went into. This is the piece. It's turquoise and also another deep blue, either Intense Blue or Navy Blue. With some pale yellow to soften the white. It's very difficult for me to leave white areas. Even a little bit of color is better than pure white.

This morning I took all the dye pastes that were mixed and used on soda soaked fabric and slopped them onto a piece of fabric. It looked very very dark. It's batching right now and it will be interesting to see just how much color was left in those pastes. Stay tuned.

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anonymous said...

cool! This makes more sense than my thinking that intense turquoise had been so mixed in with other colors that it no longer read as turq. I like the yellow touches with the blues (and all stayed non-green).

This is such a tease--I wanna be doing this too but MUST wait, champing at the bit.

I also don't like the white areas--got lots early on, but then used a lot less clear paste and mixed up very lightlights that worked much better--I got much more integrated, calmer results.

Linda C