Tuesday, January 12, 2010

500 Art Quilts

This new book will be available at the end of this month, 2 months ahead of schedule. I'm very pleased to say that I will have work in this book, although I don't remember exactly which piece or pieces they selected. Have to wait until I get my copy. There are 363 artists featured in the book and you can preorder it right now on Amazon:

The list price is $24.95 so the Amazon price is a pretty good deal. And if you buy more stuff, you can get free shipping, can't beat that. I get a small percentage if you purchase after clicking on this link and I appreciate that very much. It's too bad I can't that percentage on the stuff I order myself from Amazon, I'd be rolling in dough.

Right now I'm thinking about the month of May and the solo show I will be having at the Delaplaine Art Center in Frederick, MD. As it gets closer to the date, I will be posting more information. If you're going to be in the area I hope you can visit. Frederick is about 30 miles west of Baltimore on Interstate 70.

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