Thursday, April 29, 2010

Hanging the Show

This is the official postcard for my show that starts this Saturday. I really like how my piece is front and center. The Delaplaine has seven different galleries and each one is dedicated to an artist, at least for this month. Sometimes they have group shows; last year they had a National Juried Quilt Show, juried by Karey Bresenhan, of Quilts, Inc.

Yesterday with the assistance of three very wonderful friends, I hung the show. This is a lot of work. Thank heavens I planned the layout in advance, so there wasn't any shifting pieces around to make them fit. I had thought about how high the pieces should be hung and wondered - do they all hang with their tops at the same height, or does the height vary with the length of the quilt. While I was a Art Quilts Elements I observed that they hung the work so that eye level was at the center of the quilt and the heights of the tops varied. "Eye level" is defined by various web sites that give instructions on hanging at 58" from the floor. This is definitely not my eye level but I know I am shorter than most people. Using 58" as the midpoint for the quilt, I could figure out how high the top should be, and marked this on the quilt bag.

Once we got familiar with the process and assigned duties, the whole thing went pretty quickly. And we all agreed that it looks spectacular. I will take pictures when I go back on Saturday for the opening reception, 3-5pm. If you are in the area of Frederick, Maryland during the month of May, I hope you can take the time to see the show. And right around the Delaplaine are several antique shops and yummy eateries. You could easily spend the whole day!


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Linda Colsh said...

wow, so exciting and thanks for blogging this--I'm heading to tweet it now! --L

The Idaho Beauty said...

Thanks for the "official" information about hanging works of varying sizes. I had this same question when I had to hang my own work for ArtWalk. I came to the same conclusion - that hanging them with the tops at the same level just wouldn't look good and remembered something I'd read long ago about hanging pictures in your house. Yes, that "at eye level" recommendation, but without an actual measurement. I'm a little on the short side too and my husband was quite tall, so we definitely had different opinions of what "eye level" was.

Rebecca said...

Your show looks great - congratulations! While in school, we talked about how to hang a show and the generally accepted midpoint level was 55" - 56". That is what I used for my show which had lengths all over the map. It worked great.