Sunday, October 24, 2010

What didn't get in

In my previous post I promised images of my Quilt National entries. Since none was selected, I can share all three with everybody. A brief description of the process: dye and paint fabric, cut fabric apart, sew it back together, cut fabric apart, sew it back together, quilt it, monoprint it, throw paint at it, stencil it. In a nutshell.

Forest Concerto
60" W x 62" L

Forest Concerto detail

Amber Waves
54" L x 55" W

Amber Waves detail

60" L x 70" W

Choices detail

I'm working on getting these and a bunch more onto my web page, which is sorely in need of updating. I bought a new computer last spring with Windows 7 on it and now I can't get the ISS thingy to work anymore with my web page database. I can't explain it any better than that because if I could, I could probably fix it.


Diane Wright said...

Thank you for this share! The texture and movement that you've created is SO interesting...and that's visually. I can only imagine actually seeing it up close and personal.

Gerrie said...

Wow - a resemblance to your other work, but you seem to have gone off in another direction. Very exciting.

Vicki W said...

Thank you for sharing! I think they are spectacular!

Karen S said...

These are gorgeous.

Beverley said...

I like these a lot... I too do a similar technique, chop, stitch, chop, except my "fabric" of choice is paper. I just love the fusion of colours you use, and the contrasting symbols.

Ruth said...

Beautiful - I like Amber Waves the best.

Judy Warner said...

I particularly like Forest Concerto! Wonderful hues of color!

Patty Ashworth said...

Well, you are in a large group of people who don't get in...I'm one. But Margaret Fletcher bought the one that didn't get in. Go figure? Your work is fantastic.