Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Snow dyeing

We haven't had an overwhelming amount of snow this winter, not like last winter, thank heavens. But there was enough to do some snow dyeing and my intention was to do t-shirts in order to sell them at my guild's show next month. Last winter I did snow dyeing on fabrics and while they are stunning I found them very difficult to use in my quilts. They demanded attention and did not play well with the other fabrics. However, the patterns make for stunning t-shirts. I thought I would put them up here for sale before the show. The shirts are $25 plus $6 shipping.

These are heavy weight cotton Gildan brand t-shirts.

These first three are size Medium.

T-shirt M-1

T-shirt M-2

T-shirt M-3


These are size Large.

T-shirt L-1

T-shirt L-2

T-shirt L-3

T-shirt L-4

T-shirt L-5

T-shirt L-6

Extra Large here.

T-shirt XL-1

T-shirt XL-2

T-shirt XL-3

T-shirt XL-4

T-shirt XL-5

Xtra Large

I also dyed a bunch of bamboo socks but I'm not putting them up here now, maybe after the show.


Gerrie said...

I am so tempted! Very cool shirts.

Cathy Kleeman said...

Thanks, Gerrie. I ordered a copy of your Twelve by Twelve book after seeing Deborah's the other day. What a terrific project!

Diane said...

Cathy! Your snow-dyed t-shirts are so beautiful! What a great way to use the snow to your advantage!