Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Slow going

Not much has happened on the studio these last 10 days. Another round of cinder block was added and the outside of the building was covered with cement. The plumber and electrician will come next week, they say. And the frames are being constructed off site, partially assembled. So we are in a holding pattern and getting a little tired of only seeing cinder blocks. I have found a considerable number of good sized rocks for my future rock garden. I imagine that there are quite a few more buried under all the dirt. I have this vision of a huge mesh screen, piled with the rock filled dirt. And then washed with bucket loads of water until all the dirt is washed away. And I have a ton or more of rocks.

Meanwhile, in my art world...I was invited to be a part of this exhibit in Marietta, Pennsylvania. Contemporary Threads, with 13 fiber artists, is at the Marietta Art House and runs through December 16. Midway in the show, the current pieces will be swapped out and new work will be on display. And in November there will be a Fiber Bazaar, with all sorts of small items for sale, just in time for the holidays.

The show is in an old house with a beautiful wrap around on three sides porch. The floors are intricate inlaid wood patterns, something you would never see today. The show is open Wednesday to Saturday, 12 to 5, and Sunday, 1 to 5.

And this is the view in my back yard. The workmen made a nice swirly pattern in the cement. I think they were killing time.

The view from the bedroom window. Not much has changed. Let's hope something happens this week.

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