Saturday, April 16, 2005

New Works by Jane Dunnewald

Today I went to the Woven Fiber Art House in West Chester, Pennsylvania to see a show of new works by Jane Dunnewald. It just took my breath away. She used silk organzas and printed images of birds, fishes, leaves, and other things. There were 2 layers of organzas that created wonderful transparency effects; the cloths were draped over acrylic rods so that they floated free and had some space between the layers. The effects were absolutely stunning. There were also some small (12"x12") mixed media pieces on stretched canvas that used much of the same imagery. These did not appeal as much to me as the silks. There aren't any pictures on her web page yet, but she promises to have some displayed. I took some pictures, but I don't think I can show them here. Besides, they just don't do justice to the work.

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