Sunday, February 05, 2006

Wax results

And a Blogaversary...With all the other people mentioning their anniversaries I checked my first posting and it was Feb 3. So I missed it by 2 days. Anyhow...

The waxing and painting and ironing and washing out is complete and I got some cool results.

This is the red-orange piece with wax still on it and before the last layer of wax and red paint. Can't really predict the final results. The paint sits on top of some of the wax so it can be deceptive. After the wax is gone, it's a revelation. Actually it's 2 revelations because the fabric has 2 distinct sides.

I think the above is the back side. The wax went all the way through and really preserved the white areas.

So then this must be the front side. With the build up of wax, less paint can penetrate. Also I did some crinkling which shows more as cracking on this side. Of course, I could have it totally a** backwards and this is the back and the other is the front. Doesn't really matter.

The blue "seashell piece."

And the most interesting piece, as usual, is the fabric I put underneath to catch the extra wax and paint.

These two pictures are the two sides of the same area. The rectangular solid blob on one side becomes the rectangular blob with little circles on the other.

And here's more from another section of the same fabric.

Very cool.

Now to go sew a bottom sleeve on my piece that is going to Changing the World One Thread at a Time at the Tubac Center for the Arts. The piece that will be on display is Grid City.

It's a whole cloth dye painted quilt with painted/stamped organza squares overlaid. Machine and hand stitching hold it together. It needs to go out tomorrow in order to be there on Friday. Which is also my husband's birthday, one of those people on the leading edge of the baby boomers.


Gerrie said...

I love all of this work, but particularly the piece that was underneath that was the happy accident!! The piece for Changing the World is wonderful.

Debra said...

I love all these pieces! Can't wait until I have some time to work with this more, although I'm using the soy wax for a more traditional batik experience.

tricia mckellar said...

Cathy, Grid City is one of my favorites of all time; I saw it at the Page-Walker (Cary, NC). It's at the top of my list of my daydream list of purchases... I love the wax stuff too. :)

Frances said...

I love all your pieces, such inspiration, I'm doing some resist methods tommorow with a friend I will be happy if I have anything half as good this time tomorrow,

Grid City is beautiful, I can imagine the layers must be very tactile in the 'real'

Scrapmaker said...

I love Grid City, and your art fabric is just beautiful. Jen

davidwilliams33116806 said...
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Deborah said...

Stunning. The wax pieces are so unique. I just love them and Grid city is beautiful. Thanks for sharing all this wonderful inspiration.