Sunday, February 12, 2006


Well, it snowed. And it snowed some more, and more, and we have about 15 inches. It's a nor'easter, caused by a cold air mass coming in from the north colliding with a moisture-laden warm air mass from the south. We spent over an hour shoveling the driveway but where it meets the street is a wall of snow 15 inches high. Living on a cul-de-sac with only 20 some houses means we are way, way down on the list of roads to plow. Hopefully, we will see a plow before the day is over.

Looking out the window in the living towards the backyard and the house behind us. The snow makes a nifty pattern on the fence, I think.

The azalea bushes are covered with snow and are looking beaten down.

Check out the snow piled onto the table and benches. Gives you an idea of how deep it is. I walked down the driveway before we shoveled it and it was up to my knees. The top half is light snow but underneath it's wet and heavy. The temperature is above freezing which means the underneath layers will get soggy and then freeze tonight when the temperature drops. After the warmest January on record, one heavy snowfall in the middle of February (on a weekend no less) makes for a manageable winter. As long as they plow the street by tomorrow.


Diane Perin said...

Oh, how I wish we had snow like that HERE. I miss snow, and that all-over stillness on a snowy morning before the roads are plowed. Enjoy being cozy and warm and I hope you get a plow soon (but not TOO soon)!

Bobby La said...

So pretty. Here we are in Melbourne Australia sweltering in 36 C heat, and it's night. I'm cooler just for looking at your photographs. I've only been to the snow a couple of times!