Thursday, September 27, 2007

The results are coming in...

Last month I blogged about entering shows. I entered a bunch of shows figuring my chances were good for getting into maybe half of them. The results are coming in and I'm thrilled to say that I've been accepted into one of my "probably not going to get into" shows. Maryland Art Place runs a show called the Annual Critics' Residency (this is information about the show held earlier this year) where they select a group of artists and two writers and there is a collaboration of sorts between them. They will visit my "studio" aka the basement in October and talk about and select work to be in the show. There is also a Public Forum in which the artists and writers discuss their work. Aack. The show will be next Spring. It's definitely not a fiber show.

On another note - the changing of the seasons. I keep looking out for the last hummingbird. The large group that stays here during the summer left several weeks ago and now I'm seeing one or two on occasion. I saw one checking out my red mailbox - he must have just been passing through and was looking for food. I haven't seen any since Tuesday but I put out some fresh sugar water just in case. It's amazing that these little tiny birds fly all the way to Mexico for the winter, some even flying across the Gulf of Mexico. Not a wise decision at this time of year, it would seem. I hate to see them go - it means winter is coming.


Vicki W said...

We've been watching the last of the hummingbirds as well. There are only a couple of stragglers left. But now I know that the Junkos will arrive soon!

Gerrie said...

Cathy!! What a fantastic opportunity. I hope you keep us in the loop as you go through this.

We are having Portland winter weather today. It won't get above 60 and it is drizzly.