Sunday, October 07, 2007

Where's the Art?

I've been dragging around a piece that has been in progress since May. May! I haven't had much of a chance to work on it. In the time since then I've been to Chicago, gotten a new granddaughter, been to QSDS, taught at Miami U, family reunion at the Ocean, trip to Chicago, vacation to Wyoming, weekend retreat, and another trip to Chicago. In between it seems that there just hasn't been much time. I did spend several weeks doing deconstructed screen printing, so at least I've been in the studio. I got caught up in the planning for my guild's quilt show. It just seems that I haven't been able to get back to the art part.

And those three trips to Chicago... the first was quite enjoyable, but these last two have been emergency trips. My Mother is not doing too well, in and out of the hospital and emergency room with various problems, some serious enough that I wanted and needed to be there. She turned 95 in August and up to now has been quite healthy. So with this going on, my concentration has been elsewhere and not on much art. And I'm not sure how productive I'm going to be in the near future either.


Linda Branch Dunn said...

Good luck to you and your mom. It is so hard when a parent is ill. Especially from a distance. Put the work on a back burner and take care of things where you're needed. We're only here once.

Gerrie said...

I am so sorry to hear about your mom. How lucky you are to have had her around this long.

You will get back to art, soon enough. I know there are lots of things percolating in your brain.