Wednesday, November 21, 2007


I've been tagged by Andrea, someone who found me by searching for 'textile artist'. I need to list 7 things about me. I sort of feel that I've written about everything I want people to know and what I haven't written about is stuff I'm not about to share. But here goes:

1. I love crossword puzzles. I also like Sudoku and Kakuro (but Kakuro books are difficult to find.)

2. I hate trying to make small talk with the person sitting next to me on an airplane. I much prefer reading or working puzzles.

3. I love the palette of colors shown by trees in the Autumn as they turn to red, orange, yellow, tan, with some green still mixed in.

4. I wish I had more space for a bigger studio. I practically have to back out to turn around.

5. I wish all motels and hotels would use fitted sheets. I hate how the bottom sheet gets all scrunched up and pulled out when it's just tucked in.

6. I hate the fact that on my next birthday I will be 60 years old. It sounds so old..."60 year old grandmother". Doesn't that just bring to mind a little old gray haired bent over crone?

7. I'm not much into politics, but I think the Current Resident (in the White House) has done irrepairable damage to this country and to the world at large. I cannot think of even one redeeming leadership decision that he has made.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day, but we won't be celebrating until Saturday due to schedule conflicts. So instead we will be removing wallpaper from the hallway and maybe the dining room. I have an 18 pound turkey defrosting in the refrigerator. Usually I wait until right before T-day to buy my turkey but several times the stores have already run out by then. So I bought it last Saturday. We will probably be eating it all the way until Christmas.


Unknown said...

Hi Cathy, thanks for "playing the game" and it is ok not to pass it on. I liked reading a bit about you, thanks for sharing! My studio is tiny too, so I can imagine yours! You really don't sound like a gray-bent-over grandma and you certainly do not look like one:) Have a great day,

Gerrie said...

60? You are still so young. Age is an atitude in my book. I think I am still 40.

Looking at your list, we are a lot a like. I would sit next to you on a plane and do my own puzzles. Problem is, once you said one word to me, it would be all over. I always think I want to be left alone, but I have had some wonderful seatmates, if I allow myself to listen and chat. Have a happy week-end.

TALL GIRL said...

Hooray for 60!!! Mine is just days away, and I am so over the fifties! Even though my mother died on my 47th, I celebrate each birthday in honor of two dear friends who have not made it. I am not one of those perpetually perky birthday celebrants, though. Except this year...Cheers!

Cathy Kleeman said...

Gerrie - I would be delighted to be sitting next to you on an airplane! And I guess that being 60 is better than the alternative!