Saturday, December 22, 2007


Olio: for non-crossword puzzle fans, an olio is a mixture of different kinds of elements or a hodgepode. This post is a bunch of this and that.

Answering some questions: Gerrie wants to know what I do with the ends of the threads in the finishing technique I showed. When I do the stitching around the edges of the piece I'm stitching off and back onto the quilt so there are no thread ends. At the final tie off, I use the fabulous feature of my Janome 6500P - I press a button and the top thread is pulled to the back and both threads are cut off at about a length of 3/8". I've already secured the threads by stitching in place several times, so now it's done. Those little thread ends pretty much just disappear from view and that's the way they are. No knot tying and no burying the threads. It's done, stick a fork in it.

Next question: how many sales came from shows - 1 and that was from an invitational show. I don't think I've ever sold anything from a juried show where I only had 1 piece. I've had much better success selling from solo shows or shows where I had multiple pieces.

And from Rayna: deconstructed from bubblewrap - either that or some other type of grid making design.

Today is the first day of Winter which means the days will start getting longer. Not very noticeable just yet, but in my head I know it's happening.

I have a piece in the SDA Traveling Show. It's one of the 100 that were selected from the members' show last summer. Smith-Kramer Traveling Exhibitions has taken on the show and is doing the traveling. Here is the link to their web page. They chose my piece as the icon for the show. Probably because it's quite colorful. Except I wish they had done a better job on the image, it's quite blurry. Here's a better shot of the piece, front and back. They chose to show the backside, the one on the left.


Gerrie said...

Thanks, that is what I do too and now I feel better about it!!

I think today is supposed to be 4 minutes longer than yesterday - whoopee!!

Merry Christmas!

Linda Branch Dunn said...

Hi Cathy! I think we met YEARS ago at Friends Fabric Art during a class by Laura CW. I love the SDA piece. Thanks for posting the pictures.