Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Catch up

I've spent the past few days sewing labels and sleeves on quilts, 6 to be exact. Have been letting that particular not-fun task slide, obviously. Last week I shot some slides of two quilts and have really been thinking about the necessity of slides. In the past I always shot an entire roll of 36 slides on one quilt so that I never had to have dupes made. Since nearly everybody is moving towards digital for show entry and there is less need for slides, I opted for doing 2 quilts on one roll. I still have another roll of slide film stored in the freezer and one more pre-paid development mailer, so I will eventually use it. But after that, who knows.

All of my quilts these days are irregularly shaped, with edges that jut out. I like this but it presents a bit of a challenge when determining where to sew the sleeve. With a quilt that has an even and horizontal top edge, it's easy - just mark a point an inch or so down from the top and stitch. But when the top is both uneven and not exactly horizontal, eyeballing it is not going to work. I have to hang the quilt up and adjust it until it looks right, then use a string and a level to mark a horizontal line. Not a lot of extra work, but just enough to be annoying.

My daffodils are opening; here's a few pictures. Sorry if they're a little blurry but it's only 29 degrees outside this morning. Looks like Spring, but doesn't quite feel like it.

And one last note: Free ground shipping on Guild.com for every item purchased through March 31. See my work.

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