Friday, April 04, 2008

Off again

I'm leaving this afternoon for the joint SDA/SAQA Conference in Philadelphia which includes a trip to Art Quilts Elements (formerly Art Quilts at the Sedgewick), and followed by a workshop with Judy Langille. Then a trip to Chicago to visit family and spend a day at the IQF show. So there won't be much posting going on (not that there has been much these last few days).

Last weekend I was at a quilt retreat with 6 friends who gather twice a year. I had a great time even though I was not at a point in my current project that lent itself to working on there. So I had to improvise and just did some ordinary cutting and sewing and spent lots of time visiting. This was my last time in those wretched cabins where the beds are terrible, the showers (if you can get them to work) leak sulfurous water, and the food is barely edible. I'll bet you're dying to know how to book a cabin there, right? Anyhow, I will be away when the group goes in September and next March we will be going to a different place that has real beds, real food, and real showers. And a bigger work room.

This past week I've been spending alot of time relearning some web page programming in order to revise and add to a web page for one of my groups. "Cascading Style Sheets" is a method that's supposed to make the programming easier by removing all sorts of formatting tags from the html language and make things more consistent. However, it's not for the occasional programmer (me) because it's very frustrating. Different browsers interpret the commands differently and trying to make the pages look the same, or at least reasonably the same, is a hair-snatching experience. And I'm not doing anything particularly fancy. But I think, cross my fingers, that I have succeeded in getting what I wanted and now all I have to do is get the members of the group to send me their images. So it may be a while before the pages go live...

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