Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A Week of Meetings

The last seven days have been chock full of meetings. Regular meetings of the second Tuesday, second Wednesday, and third Friday all fell in the same week. Then there were the special meetings on Saturday and yesterday. I think I've put nearly 500 miles on my car in the past week because only one was close by. Two were in other states even. And I even opted out of another meeting that also fell on the second Tuesday. And everything was fiber related. Am I crazy?

Can't answer that particular question, but I think it's important to be connected to other people when I spend so much solitary time in my studio. It's great to see what other people are doing and to hear about their successes and failures. We can share resources and techniques and explore new friendships. I know that I am introverted and can have a difficult time making new friends and so going to these meetings is important.

I received notice the other day that two of my pieces were selected for the regional SAQA show Amazing Art Quilts to be held at the Augusta Arts Center in Staunton, Virginia. The entry for this show was a throwback: they only accepted slides. So when the return letter arrived I could feel the envelope and knew that there were slides enclosed, and it seemed like all 6 (3 full and 3 detail) were still in the envelope. Made me hesitate to open it - I mean, who likes rejection? But when I unfolded the accompanying letter and it began 'Congratulations' I looked at the slides. They kept the full shots for the 2 accepted pieces and returned the details.

These are the pieces. The first is Summer Solstice and is a big piece - 69" long and 42" wide. It is a former Quilt National reject.

The second piece is Ventanas: Reflections and is a former SDA Members show entry, which means it's 52" long by 18" wide and is double sided. I don't have a picture handy of the reverse side. The background is whole cloth painted and then screen printed with 'window' images. The foreground is appliqued strips to form more window imagery. I like this window imagery. I should more of it.

Today I plan to spend lots of time in the studio and also get to the gym. I've missed my normal workouts because of these meetings and it makes me crazy.


Twila Grace said...

Congratulations! I look forward to seeing these when I visit the SAQA show in Sept.!

The Idaho Beauty said...

These are quite stunning and will look good hanging in the same exhibit. Yes, you SHOULD get back to this window imagery. vbg Congrats!