Sunday, November 16, 2008

Thanks, Gerrie!

My donation to the SAQA auction was purchased by Gerrie Congdon. Thanks very much!

The first set of quilts are still up for auction on the SAQA site through tomorrow. The second set to be auctioned begins on November 18 at 2PM EST. Pieces begin at $750 and each day the price drops $100. The auction of the third set of pieces will begin on November 28, the day after Thanksgiving. It's a great opportunity to not only support SAQA but also to purchase a wonderful Christmas gift (for yourself or for someone else!)

I recently purchased Gloria Hansen's new book "Digital Essentials". I wasn't sure I would find this book useful because I'm pretty comfortable with editing digital photographs already. But I was wrong - there are tons of useful tips and tricks and I've already made some changes in the way I work with digital images. I highly recommend this book - there is something in it for everybody.

I noticed it's been a long time since I've posted but I can assure I have been busy. One of the things I've been working on is a journal of our African adventure, with text and pictures. It's nearly 60 pages long. I found a POD (Print on Demand) website called LuLu that allows you to upload your files and then order a printed copy. I did that and it turned out pretty good, but needs a bit of revision here and there. Once I make those revisions, I will make it available for all to read. It comes as a PDF file and is rather large - 30+ megs so it's not for the dial-up group.


Gerrie said...

Yeah! Lucky me. I have had my eye on that piece. I love your work.

TALL GIRL said...

Boo, Gerrie! I had my eye on that one, but I did land Alison Schwabe's work, which I so dearly love. Such a great cause and a good excuse to be a patron of the arts.

Rayna said...

Me too - but Gerrie beat me to it. Glad a cool person got it!