Friday, February 06, 2009

New Work

The past few days I've working on my entry for the Surface Design Association Members' Show. It's not juried; they hang everything that is sent in. In the past the size requirements have been 52" long and 18" wide, and the piece had to be 2-sided. They were hung so people could walk around and see both sides. I've entered at least 3 times (and my last entry Fandangle is with the SDA traveling exhibit and is featured on the brochure) and each time I have struggled with the size requirement. That is, I always had to add on some length to meet the requirement. You would think that by this time I'd have it figured out. Guess again. This time the size requirement is 18"x18", and not two sided. I cut my fabric big enough but by the time I added all the quilting, one side was barely long enough. I wanted to finish it by sewing a facing but didn't have enough of a seam allowance to allow that. So it's zig-zagged around the edges.

Temple of the Sun

As I was cutting the fabrics it seemed to go into a temple shape on its own accord and so I went with that. I think the positive/negative effect in the orange-y fabric is really interesting. It's en extension of the Windows theme I've been working on. The spiral is screenprinted on using a thermofax screen. I spent several hours on the computer trying to get a shape I liked and also have spaces where the background can show through the paint. I think it worked out well.

Current news: Yellow Brick Road has been accepted for the show "Tribute to Fiber Art" to be held at the BlackRock Center for the Arts, Germantown, Maryland. The show runs March 4 through April 9.

And now I'm preparing my entry for Images 2009, at the Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts. I know I talked about entering fewer shows, but I just don't seem to be able to control myself. Actually, I'm trying to focus on more general interest type shows and that's my excuse.


Gerrie said...

I just measured the piece that I want to use for my background. It is exactly 18 inches on one side. I fear that I am going to have a similar problem - minimal quilting, perhaps. I like this piece.

anonymous said...

I love the new piece! the forms are really solid and look like they could have survived centuries. As always, the colors fascinate me: "dazzling" would that be a good way to describe the colors in this art?

More to you in an email later--too much on those plates I'm juggling up in the air today.

--Linda in gray-again Belgium

Cathy Kleeman said...

Gerrie - I hate it when that happens. Maybe somewhere in your stash is the perfect piece to insert and it will make the background side enough.