Monday, June 06, 2011

SAQA Benefit Auction

It's time again to support the SAQA benefit auction with my donated 12"x12" piece. I really wanted to get one submitted in time for the early deadline to be eligible for the publicity stuff, but nothing I did was pleasing me. And I certainly don't want to have something up for auction that might not do well. I guess that is everybody's fear - that her piece will be unsold at the end. Even people that I think should not have to worry about that still worry about that.

There are quite a few pieces already donated. You can view them here. The auction doesn't start until September and then they do the reverse auction thing. Bidding starts at $750 the first day, then drops on successive days to $550, $350, and so on. I would love for someone to want my piece badly enough to buy it on the first day, but that's a pie-in-the-sky wish, I think.


I need to give it a name. Untitled just doesn't cut it for me. I can't fill out the donation form until I come up with a name. Suggestions?


Fulvia said...

"Not here."

Fear not, Cathy, I shall return with more ideas ... (laugh)

linda said...

I'd call it "Spun" or "Spin" because the blue lines make that red X spin like a gyroscope. Besides, because I always love a title that says more than face value, in these days of PR flacks and spindoctors, nothing is quite what it seems. Of course, you can ignore me as I might be totally off base and putting my own spin on something you intended to be something else entirely. Still, it's a fantastic piece--will attract early bidders, I'm sure.

The Idaho Beauty said...

I too thought something with "spinning" in the title. For me, the x across the middle does not spin too, but indicates an attempt to control the spin underneath.

Don't you love getting others' take on a design? Psychologists would have a field day with us!

Jenny Williams said...

I totally get the spin concept, but to me the big red X says "NO SPINNING!".