Thursday, June 30, 2011


Look what the UPS man delivered today. I've been waiting and waiting for these threads. They're from Superior Threads and they are the new King Tut solid color cotton 40wt/3ply threads. These are heavy weight cotton which I've been wanting for quilting and up until now the King Tut threads have all been variegated. Variegated threads seem to be really popular among a lot of quilters, but it's not what I want to use. So now I have these solid colors.

I also ordered a bunch of the Superior titanium coated topstitch sewing needles. According to Superior's website, the titanium coating makes the needle stay sharp longer and outlast any other topstitch needle on the market. Since I know I use my needles far past their prime (it's that thwap thwap noise that is the clue), I am looking forward to using these needles. Also, the Topstitch needle is recommended for all the kinds of stitching I do - piecing, applique, quilting. It has a larger eye and a deeper groove and a sharper point (which should stay sharper with the titanium coating, right?) Sometimes the threads I've used fray from being pulled back and forth through the machine, so I hope this prevents that from happening. These needles are supposed to be great with metallic threads also, but I don't use metallics very often. Maybe I will now.

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Gerrie said...

I have been using the titanium needles for a while. I love them because I don't think to change my needle that often. OK, now, I have to order some of those solids.