Friday, April 13, 2012

Destroying the Evidence

Sometimes there is just too much stuff. My studio, in particular my work table, accumulates stuff. And not all of it is related to quilting. Today I've been putting stuff in its proper place and I'm hoping I will be able to work without that claustrophobic feeling that results from too much stuff. I would like to be able to work in more than 2 square feet.

That brings up the question of what to do with pieces that just aren't quite up to standards. These are pieces that might have been experiments, trying out some new design or technique, or maybe finished pieces that should never see the light of day. I don't even want to give them away because I don't want them out in the world with my name on them. Today I took 5 small pieces that fit into this category and sliced them up with my rotary cutter.

Now some industrious people might do this and then attempt to make a silk purse out of these sows' ears by putting them back together. Maybe if I thought I could redeem these strips I would try that, but then I think why should I use up Valuable Quilting Time trying to fix something that really should just be thrown out. So out they will go. I have too many other things I would rather be doing than working with materials I already don't like.

I need to go through my closet galleries and pull out some really old work and see if it needs the same treatment. I know there are some pieces like that, but there are also some pieces that could be sold or donated. I might not like them any more, but that would be because I'm not working in that style now. 


ConundrumChum said...

I have been making a postage quilt with all my scraps. I sat in the almost dark the other night and threw away too small pieces. It was dark so I couldn't see what I was throwing out.

Linda Branch Dunn said...

I regularly post bags of larger swatches to Free Cycle, a temporary improvement. The wee bits go in a bin for collage or are ruthlessly thrown away. Part of my growing attraction to paint, I think, is simply the reality that the raw material takes up so much less room.

Karen Amelia said...

Postcards help me use up those not-quite-what-I-want pieces.

I really like your VQT - a new acronym - Valuable Quilting Time. I just wish others would value that time as I do.

Beverley said...

I think its a good idea to get rid of things, in whatever form that is. Pieces of artwork can be made up into cards to sell, but then if you don't have an outlet for that... plus how many cards do you want to make from one item? For a long time now I've had a lidded box and have a strict rule, I can keep whatever I like, but the lid must go on properly. If I can't fit something else in, then its time to revise the contents. No balancing the lid on top, no buying another box, its amazing how you learn to edit. Plus photograph things, if the actual is sold, or scrapped or remodelled, there's always a photo which takes up so much less space!!!