Saturday, October 27, 2012

Waiting for Sandy

The roofers arrived at 7:30am yesterday; it was just barely light. They put their harnesses on and had tether ropes so they could swing back and forth across the 1 in 12 pitched roof. It was amazing to watch them work, and a little bit breathtaking. The main house has a slate roof, but putting slate on the addition would have priced it out of an acceptable range. There are slate look-alike products that from a distance are almost indistinguishable from the real thing. They even install slate catchers to further the illusion. That's those little copper colored things along the lower edge. With real slate, having one of them slide off the roof and clock somebody - well, it would probably take their head right off.

Below is the full view. That ladder leaning up against the side will have to be taken down and stored until Hurricane Sandy passes through. The predictions are pretty dire, with high winds and lots of rain lasting two days. I have my fingers and toes crossed that no trees come down. The authorities are saying to prepare for power outages of several days. We have gas for the generator and it's been serviced since its last non-performance in July. At the grocery store this morning all the store brand water was gone but I could buy a more expensive brand. Not exactly sure why I need water, since we're not on a well, but I guess it's possible for the pumping station to be out of commission. The dumpster is full of potential flying objects with no way to secure any of them. And I expect the spot-a-pot to get blown over.

These bricks for are the front of the garage and in the walkway area. I don't know if these are real used bricks or bricks that have been made to look used. Either way, they probably cost more than "new" bricks.

And the powder room area has been roughed in. I'm getting better at climbing the ladder, but that moment when I have to get back on to climb down always makes me pause. I wonder if it's something you get used to. The construction guys go up and down the ladders without a thought, sometimes carrying a heavy load. Of course, their knees are most likely in a lot better shape than mine are.

I doubt that there will be much work done on Monday and Tuesday. But we'll have an excellent opportunity to see how the drainage system works


Lorraine said...

Good luck with the storm. I've been following your construction progress-- looks like it is really moving along! I hope you'll devote a post to your decision process on studio lighting-- just being selfish, I am planning mine now!

Cody Charlebois said...

Great looking house! How’d it fare against the storm? It’s always good to check your roof for any loose piece that may compromise the entire house. Happy new year!

- Cody Charlebois -