Friday, April 28, 2006


It's really Spring! Most of the trees are leafed out, the dogwoods and azaleas are nearing peak blooming, and I've seen a hummingbird at the feeder.

Here's the view from the window this morning. It's a little dark because the sun has moved so far north that the garden is still in shadow at 9:00AM. Compare this to the view from mid-March, when the first daffodil bloomed. Now the daffodils are done and all that's left of them are the straggly leaves.

And here below is a picture of Determination. This little dogwood 'bush' used to be a beautiful tree, about 20 feet high and wide with deep pink blossoms. It had a friend nearby that had white blossoms and the two of them together, nestled in the pachysandra and surrounded by azaleas, would take your breath away. Until about 2 years ago when a wind storm took out an 80 foot tall pine tree and dropped it directly on these dogwoods. All that was left were some broken off stumps, so we cut them off evenly and thought about how to replace them. But the pink one will not be silenced and here you see it as it struggles to return. Maybe in 15 years it will regain its former glory.

And what have I been doing with myself? A little gelatin printing, some screenprinting, some yardwork, and alot of web page rewriting. I've done enough to upload and reveal the new look to the world. I took out the guestbook feature because I was getting more spam type postings than I was of admiring posters. It's bad enough that they come into my mailbox, but to leave them on my website? How rude. So if you want to leave a comment, you will have to email me. Please let me know if something looks funky or doesn't work right.


Gerrie said...

I was delighted to find one of the pink dogwoods in my back yard amongst the rhodies. It is fun to see what will bloom next and then trying to identify it. My daughter has lilacs and I was hoping to find one.

Lisa Call said...
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Helen Suzanne said...
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Helen Suzanne said...

Sorry dreadful spelling in previous post so I deleted it. It's amazing to see how far your garden is into spring! mine is still a chewed up green and brown patch with daffodils just starting to show their faces, but then that's the north of scotland for you! I like your quilt pic on the new site. It reminds me of a stain glass window. Stunning.

Rayna said...

Cathy - I like your new look. Works fine. I shall go take a pic of my pathetic little tree and post it -- although my front garden doesn't look as nice as your garden. Boo hoo.