Thursday, April 13, 2006

This 'n that

I have not been keeping up with my blog, shame on me. But I have been busy. Last week another trip down to DC to see the Cezanne exhibit at the National Gallery again with Janet who was visiting from Washington (State, not DC). We also visited the Matisse cutouts, and an entire section of the East Wing of the Gallery that I never knew even existed. Lots of contemporary art there and I need to go back and spend more time there.

On Saturday we drove up to Philadelphia to the Brunch and lecture for Art Quilts at the Sedwick, which is not at the Sedgwick any more, and is being renamed Art Quilts Philadelphia. After the brunch Rebecca Stevens of The Textile Museum in Washington gave a lecture. She was one of the jurors for the show. Then over to see the show. Because it's in a smaller space there were fewer quilts than in past years. The show has a wide range of styles and techniques, and as usual there were things I liked and things I didn't.

Next, over to Snyderman-Works to see the Fiber 2006 Invitational Show. More than 90 pieces of fiber art and it runs from quilts to weavings to beads to wire and on. Lots to see, much too much to absorb in just an hour or so.

And then there are all the shows we missed. Either we needed to stay over, or we'll have to go back.

And here I hope I'm not jinxing myself before this deal is finalized (i.e. I have the check): The DC Commission on Arts and Humanities has purchased Cinnabar for the Art Bank. This group places artwork in reception areas and offices of Cabinet-level officials in the Government. The selections have been made but still need to be approved by the Commissioners. It sounds like it's just a matter of protocol. I've tried uploading a picture but Blogger is acting wonky and won't take it. Maybe later.

Other tasks to work on include the homework assignment for Michael James' class at QSDS, photographing recent work, updating my web page (I'm rewriting the entire thing), planning the Purdue commission. If I think about it I can come up with more stuff, too. Probably need to make a list.

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Gerrie said...

Congrats on the Art Bank purchase. that is huge, in my opinion!! You must be on sensory overload!!