Friday, May 12, 2006

Too long

I guess I've been occupied with other stuff because I sure haven't posted anything here. One interesting event was a visit from an art critic to one of my fiber groups. We paid him to come and five members brought quilts for him to look at and comment on. It was very enlightening, not only to hear what he said about my work, but what he said about the other works. He is an excellent critic in that he knows how to give 'negative' feedback in a positive manner. He explained what he liked and didn't like and why. I wish I had taped the critique because I know I have forgotten alot of it already.

I sort of started a new piece but after messing with it for several days and not being happy with it at all, took it all down off the design wall. It felt as if I were just putting up pieces of fabric with no thought behind it all. I think that I need to have some kind of design image in mind, or some kind of feeling, or something in my head in order to create a meaningful composition. Just putting fabrics up on the wall just doesn't work for me.

But I did make some postcards for a mini-demonstration for my local guild. And, wonderful people that they are, they thought the postcards were wonderful. During the demo, I started several more postcards just by wonder-undering (is that really a verb?) fabric to Timtex. The next day I put stitching on them and finished the edges, so I have a another handful of postcards. They seem to be like potato chips - you can't make just one.

I'm packing for a week in Oregon; we plan to visit Mt. Rainier and Mt. St. Helen and drive up the Columbia River Gorge. Picture taking opportunities galore. I hope there is Internet access where ever we're staying. It seems that almost everybody offers it these days. Can't bear to be disconnected!


Gerrie said...

Hey, Cathy! E-mail me if you get bored! We are heading up to the gorge for a Mother's Day hike. Have fun in lush and green Oregon.

The Idaho Beauty said...

I agree about needing some kind of design image in mind when starting a piece. I've begun thinking of it as "vision" and without it, how in the heck do I know where to go? A plan always helps, even if it totally changes as you proceed. The really great pieces of art I'm sure started with a vision or design image, even the ones that look haphazard.

Wave a big hello from me as you tour that beautiful part of the Northwest. I lived many years in Western WA and also in the Walla Walla area so took many trips down the gorge. Fantastic country - must get back there!