Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Where does the time go?

Already it's almost June! My daughter's birthday is June 1 and it always takes me by surprise. Except this year I've already gotten her card and her present, so score one for me. And my son's birthday is June 11, and I've already gotten his card and present, score two. Now I wish I were as prepared for my Michael James class at QSDS. We have a book list and I've ordered two. I'm wondering if they're going to arrive in time to read any of them ahead of time. And he also gave suggestions for projects, pick one of three. So far, I've picked none of three. That probably won't get done either.

So what have I been doing? I finally got the contract from Purdue U for the commission and I've started working on that in earnest. I had dyed some fabric intending it to be background, then decided I didn't want to use that, and dyed some more. And I've also been printing up some fabrics; here is one of them.

This piece has been cut into many smaller rectangular and square pieces, ready to be pinned up on the design wall. I will need to get this all composed and pinned together at least before QSDS so I can take it along and work on it there. Can't believe it's next week!

Then as soon as I return I will be packing up for my class at Craft Summer at Miami University. My class filled several weeks ago, which both surprised and pleased me. I planned out the curriculum way last September so I need to pull that out and go over everything and also gather the supply list. Too many things to do!


Elle said...

Congrats on the commission. That orange-red is so vibrant.

Nellie Bass Durand said...

Yeah! Congratulations on the acceptance of your piece at, as well as the commission for Purdue University. Can't wait to read about your time with Michael James.