Friday, July 21, 2006


Yesterday a group of us got together for an extended chitchat. From the left: Martha, Joanie, Mary Beth, Linda, and Rayna. This little room we took over for 4 hours is at Wegman's, a grocery store that not only fabulous groceries, but just about anything else you might want that relates to food. They have this great eating area, with little rooms, ... but I digress.

Linda is visiting from Belgium, Mary Beth drove up from Charlottesville, VA, Joanie and Rayna drove down from New Jersey, and Martha and I are local. We talked and talked, showed work (oh my!), ate, walked around, talked some more, and generally had a great time. Such a talented group, and the work is so diverse. Mary Beth put us all to shame as her hands were always busy doing something with a needle and thread. Is it any wonder she is so prolific even though most of her work is hand and not machine? Of course, we could have all brought our machines, I'm sure the people walking by would have been fascinated. As it was, there were some interested eyes glancing our way as we showed our work.

Now I have to get back to work - it seems I have let a lot of the business end of the art fall by the wayside. Photography, entries, updates -- doesn't leave much time for the actual art.


Gerrie said...

What a stellar group! I would love to have been eavesdropping on the show and tell!

tricia mckellar said...

Wow! Me too, Gerrie-- I'm sure the show and tell was enthralling! Cathy, I've been menaing to tell you that I really like your reds. :)