Friday, January 05, 2007

Goals for 2007

Ha! If you thought I was going to present you with an itemized list of goals like Lisa's, think again. I am thoroughly impressed (and cowed) by what Lisa has planned for the coming year. But I have been thinking about it (yeah, working on the procrastination thing, too) and here is what I have so far:

1. More time in the studio doing art. Keep track of the time spent on art. But wait - does sewing on a sleeve count as art time? Or is that business time? I've made a chart with 4 divisions: art, surface design, business, and other. Surface design is really a subset of art, but I want to keep track of that also. Business includes maintaining my database of artwork and show listings, preparing entries, meetings (and travel time if it's any distance), show openings, photography of artwork, processing images, etc., etc. It's more difficult to break the art activities down: design and stitch. But wait, I often take photographs as inspiration and play around with them on the computer - where do I put that? So now I can get bogged down in trying to categorize the amount of time I spend on an activity. Maybe I will just aim for a total number of hours right now, keep track of what I'm doing, and in 3 months revisit this task. So okay - my goal is 30 hours per week.

2. Use a sketchbook. I have lots of sketchbooks, all with some of the pages used. But it's not something I keep at hand and jot in frequently. Needs to be a more concerted effort.

3. Exposure - seek out more mixed media shows; seek out public art and percent for art calls; seek out solo show opportunities. I have already sent out one application for a solo show and I subscribed to Previously I was getting Art Calendar but I'm dropping that. I've also been building a collection of postcards of my work. Every time I finish a piece, I get 100 postcards from VistaPrint. Once you get something from them they start sending email offers for free stuff, in particular 100 postcards for free. It's not totally free because you have to pay for shipping and uploading the design, so it's actually about $10.

So for today, I'm going to spend quite a while ripping out quilting on my current piece that I don't like. I guess that goes into the art category, although it's more like un-arting. Then I also have an appointments for a haircut, a mammogram, a Dexa scan, and then I will go to the gym. That pretty much takes me to dinner time.

Seasonal note: today is the latest sunrise of the year, at least here in Baltimore. From now on the sunrises get earlier and the sunsets get later and the lengthening of the days will become noticeable. If you're wondering why the earliest sunset and the latest sunrise are not both on the winter solstice, read about the Analemma. I'm not going to explain it here.


Lisa Call said...

Those look like great goals. We all have to do things our own way - I don't post my goals to make others feel like they should be like me - I post them because that is who I am and I'm not going to pretend otherwise!

I struggle with that division of time thing also - just where does art end and business begin? I'm not sure either. And I'm not very good at tracking business time because it's much more fluid and in small chunks than my concentrated studio time.

I love your idea of getting 100 postcards per quilt. I got off of vista prints annoying email list but I suppose it does have some value.

Gerrie said...

I saw Lisa'a goals and thought I would go back to bed and forge about it!! She is amazing.

I like your goals. I still need to work at getting a body of work worth a solo show!!

Thanks for the info on the sunrise. Living herfe in Portland, that is an important fact to know. And I sensed tha I wasn't getting longer days yet.

Cathy Kleeman said...

VistaPrint is pretty annoying with those emails; I get probably 5 per week. But they are useful - I just wait until a 100 free postcard offer shows up and my image file is already prepared so I'm ready to go. And I never pay for the expedited delivery - the postcards always show up much more quickly than what they say.

The Idaho Beauty said...

Your thought processes are very similar to mine right now concerning your first goal. I too plan on increasing time in the studio, but find myself tripping over semantics all the time. For instance, I've been referring to so many days or hours "in the studio" but all my creative activity doesn't happen in there. I paint and discharge and stamp out of my kitchen or bathroom, I design sometimes on the computer in the office, and I do handstitching in the livingroom. If I talk about "studio time" I'm apt to discount time spent on art outside of that room. I was thinking of ditching the term studio and refer to time creating instead, but I rather like your term, "art time." I may steal it!

As Lisa has said on her blog, what gets put into each category is somewhat a personal choice. For me, a quilt isn't finished until the sleeve and label get sewn on, so even though that isn't particularly creative, it IS part of completing the artwork, so I count it as art time. Picture taking and other documentation tasks are easier to relegate to the business end along with filling out entry forms and ordering supplies. Playing with those pictures and even taking them? They may not be sewing but I think they can be considered part and parcel of designing. All that imput and play comes out in your work somewhere. So I would have no trouble counting them toward art time.

Good luck with these goals - they sound achievable yet challenging!

Cathy Kleeman said...

My first week of keeping track of art time totaled 32 hours, and that was actually only 6 days (Jan 1-6). This week I've already spent lots of hours on business stuff, will do more today and tomorrow, and won't get to do any art until at least Thursday. Hmph.