Thursday, January 18, 2007


The opening of the FABrications show last Sunday was well attended. A steady stream of viewers attended, included the former County Executive. Everybody was properly appreciative of the art and we're hoping the show continues with lots more viewers, and maybe even a purchaser or two. I meant to take pictures but I forgot my camera. However, Martha remembered hers and took pictures so you can still see what the place looked like.

I'm trying a new approach to this current series that starts with a paint splattered background. I am usually a one-track kind of person - I work on one piece start to finish. I don't like having unfinished work hanging around; if it hangs around, it means I don't like it much, and it tends to never get finished. Anyhow, I am doing some handwork on the current piece and I just can't do handwork all day long. So I've started on more backgrounds. I'll make several then do the paint splattering and continue from there. So far I have 2 backgrounds that I did yesterday. Since they're just big pieces of fabric stitched together it doesn't take long to compose. And if I don't like one, I didn't spend a lot of time on it, and so not much time was wasted. Of the two I did yesterday, one I like (it's red) and the other is sort of iffy. Maybe the paint splatters will improve it.

In a few minutes I'm off to give a lecture to a local guild on my journey from traditional quilter to art quilter. I've given this lecture maybe 10 times and it's interesting how it changes over the years. The beginning part is still pretty much the same, but the art quilt part has expanded and progressed. So, I'm off.

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