Friday, January 12, 2007

What's Happening

Not much, to tell the truth. Keeping track of art time - last week I logged 32 hours, of which 21 hours were actual studio time. Pretty good. So far this week it's 23 business hours and only 3 studio hours. I spent a lot of time on Tuesday hanging a show for one of my local groups Fiber Artists of Baltimore, and a lot of time on Wednesday going to a meeting of my other local art group New Image. The show opening is Sunday and I plan to take pictures. Of course, that means I have to remember to bring the camera.

I just finished taking down the rest of the Christmas decorations. Now somebody else can store the boxes away. The box with the tree is just too heavy for me to drag up 2 flights of stairs.

Next week I'm scheduled to give a talk at a local guild. I need to go through my slide tray and edit. Last time I gave the talk there were too many slides and so I talked way too much. In addition to the slides I always bring some quilts. But right now the ones I would want to bring are out at shows, one of which is not too far from the lecture site. Maybe we should do a field trip.

If you're in the area on Sunday, come to the show opening: Slayton House Gallery, Columbia, MD, 3-5pm.

Do you ever have stuff that Goodwill won't take but is too good to just throw out? Try FreeCycle. The website is sort of the umbrella for thousands of local groups. The way it works is you post that you have something to offer and then you get emails from people who want it. You choose the lucky recipient and arrange a pickup time and location. I gave away a computer monitor because I got a new flat panel for Christmas. Posted the notice at 7:30am and by noon the monitor was gone. Today I gave away a scroll saw that somebody gave us when he was downsizing. I know you want to see what a scroll saw looks like:

And that's the picture for today.

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