Monday, October 22, 2007

More results

People are talking about their recent acceptances to Art Quilts Elements (formerly Art Quilts at the Sedgwick). I entered this show but unfortunately it seems I didn't get in, since I haven't heard anything. But I did send in my registration for the joint SDA/SAQA show that will be held during the run of AQ Elements, so I will be able to see not only this show, but several others that will be on at the same time.

This past weekend was the Beaux Art Fair, a local event to benefit the Baltimore Choral Arts Society. Last year I sold a piece in this show, but not this year. It's a great event, with a champagne preview party that's catered with lots of wonderful food, including caviar. And unlike many other charity events that sell artists' works, this one splits the proceeds 50-50 with the artist.

And since it often seems that events run in threes, I expect my rejection from CraftForms to arrive any day now also. Notifications were supposed to go out October 17; maybe they have already sent the acceptances.

I finished a new piece last week. It's the one I started last May but had to put aside because of all the other stuff that has happened over the summer. I do my own photography, which is incredibly fiddle-some. I do it indoors with tungsten photoflood lights. I know that lots of people do it outdoors, but there is not a level place in my yard in which to hang a quilt. Plus there also aren't any places that are totally shade-free. I have a spare bedroom all set up with a hanging apparatus. And in spite of the digital revolution, I also shoot slides. I know it's possible to make slides from digital, but for less money I can shoot and process an entire roll of 36 slides. It was a shock to send off the processing mailer - with the new postage rules the mailer is now considered a package because of its thickness and it cost $1.13 to send. Used to only cost 54 cents. Ouch. And sending it off to be processed will take up to 2 or even 3 weeks. Doesn't work for last minute stuff. Except nothing works for last minute stuff anymore, even the local place takes 4 or 5 days because they send them out.

I wonder how long slides will continue as a viable process... with Kodak no longer making projectors, there soon won't be a way to view them. I wonder if projectors will become like thermofax machines - hot properties on eBay for those who really want them.

This is a detail shot of the new work. It's red.


DubiQuilts - Debbi said...

I am a reader of your blog and I love the work you do. Great new piece.

For many years I took slides and now I have a digital camera and love it.

Helen Suzanne said...

Isn't it amazing what is accepted and rejected at these shows. I haven't ever entered anything but often look at visual accounts if I can. Some times I really wonder who chooses and for what reasons. A rejection obviously has nothing to do with the quality and beauty of your work so maybe it's a numbers game :( Anyway just wanted to say I like your stuff.