Sunday, October 14, 2007

Interesting experiences

First off, thanks to all who expressed support and understanding for the situation with my Mother. The good news is that she is recovering and is currently in the nursing home. From there she will go to assisted living. She has decided to give up her independent living apartment, which was a big and difficult decision. I will be going out to Chicago again at the end of the month to help with the moving process.

Yesterday's interesting experience was attending a live performance of The Prairie Home Companion with Garrison Keillor. The show played at The Hippodrome Theater in Baltimore, a restored vaudeville palace that opened around 1915. It's a wonderful old place with all kinds of gilded decorations. We also have season tickets to the Broadway across America shows, but this was a different kind of audience. Lots of chit chatting, clapping, singing along, and audience participation. Carole King was the guest singer and she has the most wonderful voice. We had lots of fun.

Today's interesting experience was a studio visit from the group from Maryland Art Place. I wrote about being accepted for this show last month. I showed them work that I had submitted for the jurying process and talked about my processes. Then I took them down into my studio and showed them examples of the different kinds of surface design that I use and they were most interested. The critic told me he thought I should be entering fine art shows, painting and such like, because the processes I use are the same as what painters are doing. Very nice words, indeed.

I haven't put any pictures up in a while so here we have a picture of moose-watching tourists at the Tetons.


Gerrie said...

Lucky you to see Garrison Keillor and Carole King in person. He was just here on a book tour and I didn't find out until after.

I love what the critic said and I believe it. So do it!!

Rayna said...

I must need new glasses. I read it as "moose-watching terrorists." Argh.