Monday, January 12, 2009

Vote for me please!

This is a blatant plea for votes:

The Baker Artists Awards celebrate Baltimore's artists on the Web with an ongoing exhibition of its diverse artistic practice, and the Mary Sawyer Baker Prize will establish Baltimore’s reputation as a creatively rich and vital place to live with a civic commitment to value its individual artists.
Please take a minute to visit my work on the Baker Artist Awards web site. As a Baltimore artist, I am eligible to win the significant Mary Sawyers Baker Prize or maybe bragging rights as Baltimore’s Choice. Either way, please follow the link and vote for me... and, if you live in Baltimore, you could also Nominate your own work! Now GO sign-up and vote

Visit my nomination, register, and cast your vote!


After posting my list of achievements for 2008 I remembered one more, duh. A solo show at the Glenview Mansion Art Gallery in Rockville, MD. It was only last October, you would think that I could have remembered something that only happened two months ago....

And look at what has finally returned home - my journal quilt that has been traveling with "A Page from My Book", the Journal Quilt Project book. I never got the email checking my address and so the Quilts, Inc. people never sent it back. It wasn't until I emailed them to ask where it was that they asked me to verify my address and it showed up a few days later. I'm adding it to the Art For Sale page.

And good news, another purchase order from Artful Home from the Studio Sale.

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