Wednesday, January 21, 2009

What a Day!

Yesterday, of course! I watched the inauguration on TV with friends. Even though DC is only 45 miles away I do not have the fortitude to stand out in 20 degree weather for hours and hours. And with all the reports on the expected traffic and crowds, well, that's why TV was invented. Kudos to all those who went and braved the elements and stood for hours just to be there and be a part of history.

It was a great feeling to be rid of the leadership of the last 8 years. I cannot think of anything the previous administration did that I thought was a good idea. Enough said.

I've been playing with soy wax batik for that past few days. It always takes a bit of warm up to get back into the swing of things and remember all the things that work and don't work. I forgot that metallic paints don't work very well at all, and I think it's because of the opacity. Somehow, opaque paints seem to sit more on the top of the fabric and the paints need to sink in. This piece of fabric had teal blue metallic paint all over it and as you can see, none of it remains. It all came off in the wash.

Which is okay, because it looks better without it. I have some more ready to be laundered and of course there is the drop cloth which is always the most interesting piece.

Wish me Happy Birthday! Today is the day, cold and wintry. I think I was born in the wrong hemisphere, because I would have preferred a summer birthday.


teri springer said...

I'm with you....much as I would have loved to have been there, I just can't do crowds like I did in my 20's. Besides, I'm STILL trying to shake the last of the cough from my bout of pneumonia over Christmas.

A very happy birthday to you!! What a momentous week! MLK Jr. Day, the Inauguration (and Deb B's birthday) and today, YOUR birthday and my Goddaughter, the doctor!

Hope you are being taken out to dinner tonight!!



Dale Anne Potter said...

Hope YOUR day is the BESEST ever!!!

YES, it was a GLORIOUS day yesterday which I watched on TV here in Canada.

Donna said...

Have a very happy birthday!

Gerrie said...

Happy Birthday, Cathy or as I like to say - Hippo Birdy!

I was so happy yesterday and also content to watch from a distance on my hubbie's big screen hd tv!!

anonymous said...

Happy birthday here too (Got you earlier today in FG)


The Idaho Beauty said...

Happy Birthday from me too. Being a Virgo, I can tell you that having a summer birthday does NOT guarantee nice weather to celebrate it with. Last year I planned to spend the day at the city beach and take a dip in the lake. I awoke to rain and 60 degrees - bummer! At least you KNOW what to expect and that if you want it nice, you'll have to travel.;-)

What brand paint do you use for this type of batik and how diluted or thin is it? This is something I mean to try soon. Thanks.