Monday, January 05, 2009

In Review

Remembering what when on in 2008 is difficult. I can pull up official things like shows and suchlike but other less obvious things sort of fall by the wayside. Probably ought to write this stuff down.

So, the major stuff:
Juried Shows:
Amazing Art Quilts, Staunton, VA
Central Penn Festival of the Arts, Penn State U, State College, PA
Maryland Art Place Critics' Residency, Baltimore, MD
Materials Hard and Soft, Denton, TX
Quilts=Art=Quilts, Schweinfurth Memorial Art Center, Auburn, NY
SAQA Transformations 08
Threadlines, Missouri State Univeristy, Springfield, MO

Group Shows:
New Image: Marymount Hardware, Alexandria, VA
New Image: Rehoboth Art League, Rehoboth, DE
Fiber Artists of Baltimore: Columbia Art Center, Columbia, MD
Acceptance into Quilt National 2009 (I'm going to milk this one for quite a while)

2 sales and 1 commission, all through ArtFul Home, maybe I ought to consider putting an ad into one of their publications

QSDS Scholarship Auction (sold for $300, thanks, Teri!)
SAQA One Foot Square Auction (sold for $250, thanks, Gerrie!)


2 teaching stints and 1 lecture


Amazing Art Quilts, Juror's choice


Critics' Residency Catalog
SAQA Transformations 08 Catalog
SAQA PAM Portfolio

Going over the books for the past year, I figure that it cost approximately $70 per show that I was juried into, this includes entry fees and shipping. Does not include the time spent on photography and preparing entries. I have drastically reduced the number of shows that I enter for several reasons - it's expensive, it doesn't seem to work very well as a venue for sales, and I'm not sure it's worth the effort. If my goal is to sell my work, the money spent might be better spent in some other style, perhaps advertising. And I can explore other methods of getting my work in front of the buying public.

Which leads me right into the reminder to visit my Art for Sale blog. I've put up two different series of works:

A selection of quilts from the Journal series, which I started as part of the Journal Quilt Project. I've only included a few of the pieces as some of them are better off stored in the closet.

The Ventanas Series is the starting point for the series I'm currently revisiting. These are the first 5 pieces I did and some became the image sources for thermofax screens.

Happy New Year!


The Idaho Beauty said...

What a busy full year 2008 was for you! I'm in the same mindset about the exhibitions. Even ones that are supposed to be more art leaning don't seem to generate sales. I think they are still mostly attended by other quilters who are mostly there for ideas or to drink in an art form they already love, not to add to a collection.

Best of luck in 2009!

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