Sunday, October 09, 2011


A lot has happened this week. First, the plumber came and hooked up the water supply to the sink. Goodbye, outdoor washing station. Running water inside, so 21st century!

Then the electricians arrived, so along with Steve, our main contractor, his helper, and the 2 electricians, it was a hopping place. At the upper right of this picture you can see the shims they are using to even out the spacing on the boards being used to box in the support beam. The support beam, which has been holding up the house for more than 50 years, has a little bit of a sag. Don't we all. But after it's boxed in, it will be all nice and even.

The pendant lights are installed, the recessed lighting has been recessed. Up to now there have just been hanging bulbs. The electrical outlets are all faced, the dishwasher is installed.

The stove is in place. This is an amazing stove. It has 2 ovens, a small one on top for warming, pizza, and little things like that. Then it has a lower oven for the main meal. There are 5 burners on top. And 2 can be "connected" so that you can put a griddle on there and it will heat evenly. And a warming burner. And a special burner that can be adjusted for small, medium, or large pots. Amazing what they have come up since I last purchased a stove. Fifteen years ago.

We also bought a new chandelier. That is a broom stick that looks likes it's hanging from the chandelier. Look at that island top. We could make fudge on there.

I was so excited to have a working oven! Luckily I hadn't packed away the mixer and its accessories. Had to borrow some cookie sheets, but I made a batch of chocolate chip cookies to christen my new oven. All the workmen were thrilled. 

The tile man is here yesterday and today, laying the floor tile and the back splash. He really liked the painted tiles I had done. They look wonderful above the back of the stove and add a nice bit of color. It looks like we may be completely finished by the middle of this week. Then I have to get the POD back and get it unloaded and start putting stuff away. Need to plan a bit where things will go because once they have a place, they will probably stay there. I think we will be getting rid of a bunch of This End Up furniture that we have had forever. I thought that company went out of business, but apparently not. I found their web site and they still carry the style of furniture we have; it's called "Classic". That means the old stuff, I think. Anyhow, if I were to purchase new what I have now, it would cost $2,000. Wow, but I won't be getting that much for it now. It has some signs of wear and tear. I'll put it up on Craigs List and see what the market will bear.


Didi said...

Awesome!! Isn't it nice to have something *new*?


Gerrie said...

Thanks for the memory of This End Up! We are definitely of the same vintage.

Diane Doran said...

It's looking good - congratulations! Can't wait to see a photo of those tiles once they're installed.

lindacolsh said...

very cool! Love the stove/oven. I read the entire description to Jim--you know how primitive ours here is, where the landlady replaced the broken "old stove" with the original stove, repaired. Within 2 months only 2 burners were working and we've lived with those two for 8 yrs now. Good thing I'm not much of a cook. Jim wants the pizza oven and thinks you are Master Chef because the first thing you made is choc chip cookies!

Cathy Kleeman said...

And the second thing I made was mint chocolate brownies. I guess I will have to make an actual meal soon, but I'm just so happy to have my oven back.