Monday, October 17, 2011


It's pretty much complete except for a very few minor things. The POD arrived on Saturday morning at 7:30am and we had it totally emptied out by the evening. That doesn't mean everything was put away, that took much longer. And I'm still not sure that everything is in its permanent place. There will be some re-arranging. 

A trip to IKEA resulted in these bookcases that are in the mudroom. They will hold the odds and ends and shoes and boots and gloves and scarves that never seem to have a home. I think we will add a second shelf above the coat rack. There is room and there is never enough storage space. I have to go back to IKEA for some more shelf liners but I think I need to put blinders on. It's very difficult to get through there without picking up lots of stuff. And they conveniently position carts and bags along the way so that when you fill one up, there is another just waiting for you.

The view into the dining room area. The dining room table and the buffet have not yet been put in place in this picture. 

There isn't a picture of the other side of the room, the family room, because the furniture there is stacked on end. I'm going to do my best to sell it asap. It's old but still in decent condition, and it's perfect for a rec room or college student's apartment.

It's amazing to go back and look at the pictures. Here is the post from the "garage" stage:

And here is the old space:

I can hardly remember what it looked like! Doesn't take long to forget.

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