Wednesday, October 12, 2011

So close....

We are almost there. Another visit from the plumber and from the electrician and the work will be complete. The dumpster left today and the POD comes back on Saturday. I tried to get it sooner but they were all booked up with deliveries already. Meanwhile I've been moving stuff from the temporary kitchen into the new kitchen and trying to put things in logical and efficient places. This is a challenge. And of course, keeping in mind that there is a ton of stuff on the POD that will also need a place to stay.

The first official meal is spaghetti. We had to give up our weekly spaghetti because it was just too difficult to cook when I could only use one heating appliance at a time. 

The refrigerator is still not pushed back into position because the ice maker line leaks. Hence the visit from the plumber.

Looking towards the (empty) dining room. Waiting for the table, chairs, and buffet to come home.

Here you can see the stove with my painted tiles on the backsplash. The tile guy thought they were really neat. In front of the sink is the new felted wool rug I bought over the weekend at a studio tour.

Back door with tile entrance and the mud room, which is already collecting stuff. We need to put up a pole for hanging coats and get some cubbies for storing stuff.

Standing in the corner of the dining room. That little blue thing on the floor is Rosie the cat's feeding dish. We will be getting 3 more stools so that the grandkids can eat at the island when we have Sunday dinner. 

The family room area. Looks pretty naked right now. The desk that belonged to my Mother will go in this area and we will have some chairs aimed at the TV.

And the view of the bathroom. 

Good bye, old kitchen. You served us well for many years.


Gerrie said...

Looks fantastic, Cathy!!

Cathy Kleeman said...

Now I'm cruising the aisles at Bed Bath & Beyond looking for cool new accessories. No more plastic paper towel holders.