Thursday, August 23, 2012

Almost a foundation

On Tuesday, two flatbed trucks parked out front. They were loaded with cinder blocks, huge bags of sand, and cement mix. It took most of the day to unload it all and distribute around the foundation hole.

Nobody worked yesterday, but the guys arrived bright and early at 6:30am this morning. At least a dozen men moved the cinder blocks around the area and closer to their final destination. The main contractor and the architect were also in attendance to solve the drainage problem. All the rain that falls onto our patio creates a waterfall at the head of the driveway. It's been a nuisance, especially in winter when it freezes, because it runs right by the back door. They had to do some redesigning to divert the water around to the far side of the garage where it will disperse onto the grass (and hopefully not into the neighbor's yard next door). This is going to involve more stair steps going from the walkway to the patio than we had originally planned.

The high wall on the left is the back wall of the garage. Due to the elevation change, it will be about 3 feet below grade.

They covered the outside of the cinder blocks with cement, all nicely smoothed out. I didn't realize they had done this until it was too hard to put my initials in it. But I will have more chances, I'm sure.

This is my new kitten Buster. He is 4 1/2 months old and most of the time is a real dynamo. But he does know how to relax. This is his "What, me worry?" pose.

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