Saturday, August 25, 2012

Slowly but Surely

Making progress. The walls are a little higher and more of the outline is in place.

Looking down from the second story at what will be the covered walkway.

Still a big step down from the back door.

On Thursday afternoon we noticed a big orange X painted in the grass. It didn't seem to line up with anything or even be on any plans. But on Friday morning we saw a big truck delivering this delightful addition to our construction zone. I had been wondering how the workers were answering the call of nature (and hoping it wasn't in the bushes), so I'm glad they now have a designated pot. But I wish it weren't smack dab in the front yard. It's the first thing anybody sees when they crest the hill and drive by our house.

Non-construction related news: My profile is now up on the Art In Embassies website. My piece is in the American Embassy in Dhaka, Bangladesh. I received a very nice thank you letter from the Ambassador, telling me how much they liked the piece. Always pleased to receive compliments.

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