Tuesday, August 07, 2012


When the excavation for the studio starts, we are going to lose a lot of garden. An entire bed of hosta and ferns, a boxwood bush, a dogwood tree, and tons of pachysandra. The boxwood can go and it would be too expensive to try and move the dogwood, but the hosta and pachysandra can be saved. This past weekend we dug up all the hosta and moved them to a temporary location at the edge of the yard. This puts them in a prime area for munching by the deer, who have already snacked on other hosta in the yard. In order to prevent these from becoming deer lettuce we erected a fence made of spikes and fishing line. The deer don't see the fishing line and so don't like to go through it. At least that's the theory. Let's hope we still have hosta when this is all done.

This is what's left - a lot of roots and some stray plants. It's a good thing we got to this because the contractor called yesterday and said they want to start excavating this Friday. Yikes - a whole month ahead of schedule. We will be out of town all next week and so won't be able to see the day by day progress, and I can't even envision what it will look like when we get back. But starting a month early means they will finish a month early and by October I should have my new studio. I can't wait!


Judi D. said...

What a thrill! And early is always good!!

Irene said...

The fish line will work but unless you have lots of strands they quickly learn to lean over the top or under the lower level. Since this is just temporary and you are not too worried about looking good, get some of the netting used for fruit tress, It's a thin mesh (a pain to unroll) and just lay this over the entire bed. SHould be able to find it at any good hardware store or nursery. It is thin enought that you really can't see it. We put it on our roses and gladiolas and the plants have grown through it! We don't even notice it anymore. But it has been very sucessful in keeping the dear out.

linda colsh said...

don't think fishline would deter the slugs that eat our hostas. We've had pretty good success this yr and last with our "slug saloon" serving up cheap beer. Wouldn't work for deer tho. My argh moment this year was a new lily that bloomed a single gorgeous yellow lily. I went out one morning and something ate the entire blossom to the nub. Didn't touch the pink lily that is several yrs old now and adds blossoms each season--about 8 on two stalks this yr. Very strong perfume that now really means August garden to me when I bring one into the house.
GREAT news about the early building start. Go Go.

Lisa Call said...

"But starting a month early means they will finish a month early"

I love your optimism :)

I'm looking forward to your construction photos!

Cathy Kleeman said...

Irene - I have some of that bird netting and it is a big pain to unroll. I'm using it to protect some sunflowers from hungry deer, but I'll try some on the hosta also. Somebody at a meeting today mentioned how much of a problem her local bunnies are. We don't have any local bunnies - the local fox has pretty much taken of them.

Lisa - yeah, maybe I am being optimistic, but we'll see :)