Friday, December 16, 2011

It's a Mystery

Once again I have let posting go by the wayside. It seems that everything else is getting in the way and I'm not really doing much art anyhow. Maybe it should be a new year's resolution to be more consistent. I think I've said that before, and look how well I've done.

So what's the mystery? I know this has happened to others. I went to the Closet Gallery to find a quilt that was going to go off to a show. It's a group show, not a juried show, and so I didn't send in any images. That would have really been awful.  The day before I'm supposed to deliver the quilt I go look for it. My quilts are stored rolled and in a bag and the bags are individually labeled with the name of the quilt. There are a lot of them, quite a pile. I go through the pile once, no quilt. I go through it again, more thoroughly. No quilt. Starting to sweat a bit here. I go to the secondary closet and search there - no quilt. I keep a database that tracks all my quilts, where they've been, and where they're supposed to go, and most of the time it works pretty well because I've never double booked anything. It doesn't add any new information. Then I go to my web site and look there and it's marked SOLD. This is a surprise because I for sure don't remember selling it, and it's not like I sell so many that I would lose track of that. Can't find any information in my Quicken records either. (I hate that program, btw.)  Luckily, I could substitute another piece but that surely doesn't solve the mystery of what happened to the quilt.

Rising Sun

I will keep looking for it and checking through my financial records because it really bugs me that I have total non-recollection of a sale event. A real mystery.

Update - I am not going crazy. I found the receipt. The quilt was sold through The ArtFul Home in July of 2009. Good. I feel much better now.