Sunday, February 20, 2005

Batik using Procion black dye

Batik using Procion black dye
Originally uploaded by ckleeman.
This piece was dye painted with Procion black mixed 50-50 with print paste to thicken it up a little. After curing the paint (let it sit overnight, then iron from the backside) and the dye (regular batching process), it's easy to get the paste out by soaking the fabric in water for a short while. Washing removes what little might be still left in.


Kit said...

Kit here. Wow! Forget batik. The flour and water thing with black is fantastik.
I have saved your blog to my drive with a reminder. Once back from NYC. I intend to try this out. Thanks,


Karoda said...

I really love these pieces...are you letting it cure with the print paste then once it dries you apply the dye?

I would love to try it!