Thursday, February 03, 2005

Day 1

I've never tried this before but it seems like a good way to keep notes and ideas in a spot where I can find them. That's assuming that I have ideas, I guess. Right now I'm working on a series based on windows that was inspired by a picture I took several years ago in Santa Fe. It was a window with a reflection of another window inside of it. The rectangle shapes formed by the window frames intrigued me and I put it in my virtual idea book.

I took a class from Ned Wert at QSDS and took that photo with me for inspiration. I did a group of painted paper collages using the image, and really liked them alot. But, again, I put it away to let it percolate.

Then, in mid January, I was looking for something else, and found these collages, and pulled one out to put up on the wall. I started a series of small pieces using the image. Then made some thermofax screens with window frame shapes. Then painted and screenprinted fabric. Then made a banner sized piece with the fabric.

I think I have to put it aside for a little bit so I don't overdose on this and become sick of it.

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